We never say no to new members and would love to have you. Here is some basic information about how you can get involved:

Translation Teams

We accept students of all levels to our translation teams–we view translation as a valuable learning experience, and native speakers or advanced students of the language carefully edit all of our work before organizations see the final product, so don’t worry about being perfect. We have regular teams for Spanish and French; if you would like to translate another language, note that PULP may not be able to provide projects or editing for you–but we will support you in any way we are able.


We ask that all editors are native speakers or of native-level fluency in the target language. If you have questions about whether or not you can be an editor, please write to us describing your relevant qualifications (i.e. coursework, time abroad, relatives who speak the language…).

Language Fellows

This is an exciting program that we are working very hard to get off the ground. Please stay tuned for more details throughout the spring.

Leaders of Student Groups

If you are involved in a student group that could benefit from translation services, please reach out to us with your needs and we would love to help. You can use our contact form for organizations to submit documents, or just write to us directly with information about your project.

Contact Us!

Write to us at pulp@princeton.edu to sign up–or with questions, comments, concerns, project ideas, potential organizations…