President: Khanh Vu ’20

Khanh is a Computer Science major learning French and Chinese at Princeton. She participates in PULP as a translator and a language fellow. She loves learning languages, and hope to share this passion with others.

Treasurer and Director of Language Fellows: Jazmyn Blackburn ’19

Jazmyn is a Sociology major with certificates in French, Urban Studies, Cognition, and Teacher Prep. She is interested in studying how world languages are taught and learned, and how they impact communities.

Social Chair: Kate Reed ’19

Kate Reed is a history major with certificates in Spanish and Latin American studies. She’s interested in histories of displacement and development, and is writing her thesis on 1970s Mexico. She has experience translating a variety of materials (informational and literary texts, subtitles, websites) for nonprofits and academic works. You can reach her at

Spanish Project Managers:

Betsy Vasquez ’20

French Project Managers:

Anna Vinitsky ’21

Spanish Editors:

Kate Reed
Maria Jerez
Jan Domingo Alsina
Tini de Soto
Andrea Reino

French Editors:

Owen Ayers
Laura DeMaio