PULP’s overarching mission is to foster enthusiasm for language learning, and we understand translation, and interlingual communication more broadly, as central to that goal. To that end, we have two core initiatives: our Translation program, which provides free translations in Spanish, French, Chinese, and Korean, and our Language Fellows program, an initiative we are hoping to develop over the coming semesters that will pair language-learners with native and experienced speakers to help bring language education out of the classroom.

Translation Program

Our translation teams meet each Thursday from 4:30 to 6:00 to work on their translations. Our principal languages are Spanish, French, Chinese, and Korean, though we do have students handling individual projects in other languages, such as Arabic and Portuguese. If you require translations in another language, don’t hesitate to reach out and we will see if there are translators who can help you.

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Language Fellows Program

This program, begun initially in 2014, is one PULP is seeking to revitalize over the coming months. The goal of the program is to match language learners (100-200-level students) with experienced or native speakers of the target language. These pairs will meet regularly to have informal, relaxed conversations–one of the best ways to gain conversational fluency and to become more comfortable in a language.