PULP’s overarching mission is to foster enthusiasm for language learning, and we believe that translation and interlingual communication are central to that goal.

Currently, we provide free translation services to nonprofits and NGOs, both local and around the world! Please reach out if you are interested in a free translation.

Our Team

These are just some of our wonderful team members; we have many more who have not provided pictures. In no particular order . . .

Audrey Yang (Co-President; French)
Rena Feng (Co-President; Spanish)
Mikaela Lavandero (French Language Head)
Yuri Yu (Chinese Language Head; German Language Head)
Grace Kim (Korean Language Head)
Sidney Singer (French)
Jenia Marquez (French)
Anne Xu (Chinese)
Sidney Singer (French)
Eddie Kong (Chinese; French; Spanish)
Chris Bao (Chinese; Spanish)
Jordan Angel (French; Italian)
Janny Eng (Chinese)
Tiffany Tsai (Chinese)
Celestine Kim (Korean)
Corinne Jordan (Italian)
Chloe Zhu (French)
Hannah Lee (French)
Kit Man Simon Law (Chinese)
Kai Hostetter-Habib (French)
Elia Mikhail (Arabic; French)
Beatriz Alcala-Ascencion (Spanish)
Emilio Chan (French; Spanish)
Emily Paulin (Spanish; Russian)
Ellen Li (French; Spanish)
Windsor Nguyen (Spanish)
This could be you!